Apple is expected to make big changes to multiple products this fall, starting with the entry-level MacBook we’ve heard so much about.

According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple will release a new low-cost MacBook this fall that will be powered by 14-nanometer Kaby Lake CPU architecture. Originally, Apple planned on using Intel’s 10-nm chip but delays caused the company to revise its plans. Additionally, the report says this new entry-level MacBook will cost $1,200.

Apple already sells the 12-inch MacBook at $1,200. It’d be odd to cannibalize sales with a direct competitor in the same price range. That, plus the fact that a $1,200 laptop isn’t really low-cost. Earlier reports pegged the price to be under the $999 threshold, which would make it the lowest priced MacBook Apple sells.

Apple is also planning on releasing new redesigned iPads that omit the home button for smaller bezels, gesture-based controls and Face ID. The new iPads will also be bundled with a new 18-watt USB-C power adapter that will enable fast charging. In the past, iPads have been able to quick charge with the right adapter but Apple never included the right adapter in the box. It seems to be changing course this year.

All of these products are expected to be unveiled in the fall alongside three new iPhones and a redesigned Apple Watch.