Apple Watch in-store previews are just a couple of days away, but reviews started to populate on some of the larger news outlets this morning. Along with those came photos on Instagram from user Jeremy Gan, who published three images of the wearable device both in and out of its box ahead of the official launch this month.

As expected, the Apple Watch comes in a sleek white box with an image of the device on the side, along with the details of each specific variant. Inside the first box you’ll find what looks like a second plastic box. This one also acts as a charging stand for the new gadget.

Finally, it looks like that leaked Apple Watch packaging from earlier this year will be used to ship individual wrist bands. Gan revealed an image of the brown leather option in its box, though he says the stainless steel band looks even better and feels nicer as well.

With the first Apple Watch reviews already pouring in and the company’s two-week preview period just a few days away, it won’t be long before you can check out the new smartwatch yourself. For now, enjoy these leaked packaging photos, and check out our full hands-on gallery from earlier this year down below.