When the Apple Watch launches, much of the device’s functionality will rely on the iPhone in your pocket. As such, a comprehensive app, known as “Companion,” is being created by Apple in an effort to make the wearable experience easier to handle. 9to5Mac has a breakdown of what to expect from the iPhone app, from layout settings, clock functions, voice dictation capabilities and more.

Companion will essentially be the hub by which settings and interactivity for the Watch is defined. It’s essentially like any companion app you’d find with available wearables, allowing users to better customize the experience to their liking. As you can see in the screenshots (below), many of the settings you can change are pretty self-explanatory. In the Activity category, for example, you can have the Watch alert you with pre-determined progress updates, achievements, and a weekly summary on a specific day.

This is more or less how the experience is handled through Companion. Beyond being able to tailor notifications and other functionality, users will also be able to easily manage and organize app icons on the Watch home screen. 9to5Mac also points out a neat clock face feature called Monogram, which users can enable to embed a stamp of 1 to 4 letters directly on the clock face. That kind of thing will be nice for customization.

Below are a few more highlights from 9to5Mac’s report:

  • You can choose a stock to track, with the ability to see its current price, point change, percentage change, or market cap.
  • The ability to easily switch between Dictation or Audio Replies as the default function to reply to messages.
  • For maps, the Companion app will allow users to enable or disable Taptic Engine tapping of the user’s wrist for turn-by-turn directions.
  • Activate fitness features, such as reminders to stand after long stretches of inactivity, and progress reports every 4/6/8 hours.
  • There will also be the familiar About Screen, revealing watch information like storage capacity and the like.

Based on the information provided to 9to5Mac, it appears the Companion app is deep into development, suggesting a potential March launch for the Apple Watch could happen like the rumors claim. To really get the most out of Apple’s wearable, iPhone owners will really need to familiarize themselves with what Companion has to offer. If 9to5Mac‘s report is accurate, there will be a lot to learn to really make the experience worthwhile.