The Apple Watch is officially available for sale on Friday, though if you weren’t up late (or early), chances are you won’t receive one until June. You’ll probably want to make sure you sign up for Apple Care+, however, since new details show it will be expensive to get the watch replaced or repaired out of warranty.

We already know that the sapphire screens on the more expensive Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition seem to hold up pretty well, but there’s always the off chance you end up damaging the unit in some other fashion. If you do, and you don’t have a warranty covering it, you can expect to pay $229 for repairs on the Apple Watch Sport, $329 for the Apple Watch and $2,800 for the Apple Watch Edition. Out of warranty battery replacements will set you back $79 for each model.

If you do have Apple Care+ repairs are mostly taken care of, and you can take advantage of “Express Replacement” wherein Apple will send you a brand-new unit. Under the agreement you’ll ship yours back, for between $300 and $10,000 depending on the Apple Watch model you’ve chosen. It’s still expensive, but at least it’s convenient.