Pandora confirmed Wednesday that it plans to offer an Apple Watch app when the device launches. The company previously hinted at the same thing, but now we can be sure the popular Internet radio service will be on our wrists from day one.

Chief technology officer Chris Martin announced the news on Wednesday, noting that Pandora was also available for the original iPhone and iPad when those devices first launched.

“The Apple Watch represents another opportunity for Pandora to be available anytime and anywhere to our more than 81.5 million monthly users,” he said, adding that the company hopes to offer “the most personalized music experience ever while also making discovery as effortless as possible.”

The new Apple Watch app promises instant access to your music. With a quick glance at the “Now Playing” screen, you can check what song you’re listening to. The app lets you pause, rate each song with a thumbs up or down, skip to the next track, scroll through your stations and control the volume. You’ll also get notifications when new music is available straight on your wrist. Sounds like it’s similar to what’s already available for Pebble owners, which is a good thing. Look for it April 24.