Organizing your iPhone homescreen can be tricky enough, but how will that experience translate to the Apple Watch and its tiny display? A new video appears to show how that process will work ahead of the device’s official release next month.

You’ll apparently be able to organize your Apple Watch homescreen using the app on your iPhone, where you can slide the circular icons around with a quick swipe of your finger. Of course, you’ll also be able to do the same thing on the smartwatch by holding down on its homescreen.

The entire process looks a little complicated, and that hexagon adds a whole new dimension compared to the straight-forward grid iPhone fans are used to. We’re guessing you probably won’t spend much time messing around with the homescreen anyway.

We can’t wait to spend some extended time with the Apple Watch, but until then we’re still not really sure what to make of the new device. For now enjoy the video up top, and check out a pair of Apple Watch animated emojis below courtesy of 9to5Mac.