Is your wrist feeling bare? Wish you could adorn it with a fancy smartwatch? If you’re a fervent Apple fan, this is your lucky day. The company’s new wearable has finally started shipping out to consumers across the globe, giving fans the opportunity to display to the world just how much they love Apple. How deep is your love? Apple Watch Sport? Apple Watch? Or are you on the Apple Watch Edition level?

We’ve put a lot of smartwatches on our wrists over the past year, but there hasn’t been one good enough to convince the average consumer to hop on board the wearable train. Will the Apple Watch change that? We just received ours, so we don’t know the answer to that question just yet. We can say that there hasn’t been this much excitement surrounding a smartwatch since, well, ever, so it has the best chance of being successful.

We purchased the 42mm Apple Watch Sport with a blue band; the Sport edition is probably the model most consumers will order. After the $349 starting point for the 38mm Sport, prices go up drastically, to as much as $17,000. Only celebrities and the lavishly wealthy will be able to afford such excess. Each model is exactly the same in terms of functionality.

Apple has done everything in its power to heighten the visibility of the Apple Watch over the last several months, holding not one, but two press events dedicated to the device, and it’s shown up in a lot of fashion circles, too. This isn’t an average Apple launch. Because the wearable is a completely new product category for Apple, it’ll be under intense scrutiny over the coming days and months. If you ask me, that’s the perfect time for new Android Wear devices—and maybe Android Wear support on iOS—to come out.

Some of the Apple Watch specs include 7000 series silver aluminum (or 316L space black stainless steel, if you prefer), Ion-X glass, retina display and a composite back. The more expensive models sport sapphire crystal and a ceramic back, but, like I said, functionality remains the same across all the different options. The Apple Watch Edition sports 18-karat gold, if that’s your thing.

We’ll be putting our Apple Watch Sport model through its paces over the next days and weeks, and have our review for you once we’ve finished our testing. This is a huge release, and one of the biggest obstacles, as we see it, is learning the complex Apple Watch UI. Compared to existing Apple products, this is  an instance where you can’t just pick up and go—at least not at first.

Check out the unboxing to see the Apple Watch in all its glory, and stay tuned for more coverage.