Before Apple Watch pre-orders open up on April 10, familiarize with everything the device can do in Apple’s new “Guided Tour” series. Smartwatches are still very unfamiliar to 99-percent of consumers, and because this is Apple’s first foray into the wearable market, it’s making sure customers know exactly how the device works, and what it can do. These videos break the Apple Watch’s features down in the simplest way possible.

Right now four different videos are available to watch, with the first one just a general overview of the Apple Watch’s capabilities. Think of it as a primer for the overall experience, which Apple does go more in-depth with in a series of other tours, starting off with messages; there’s also a video about watch faces and digital touch.

In total, there are 11 different videos, covering topics such as phone calls, Siri, Maps, Apple Pay and more, though all but four are listed as coming soon. If you’ve been closely following the Apple Watch’s progress since it was announced late last year, you should already be very familiar with what the device can do. But in case Mom or someone you know wants to brush up on the many features Apple Watch offers, point them toward the company’s new videos.

For the most part, the videos are about two minutes long, though the “Welcome” video clocks in at over 4 minutes. Check them out at the source link below, and to see more hands-on coverage, check out some of our thoughts at the head of this post.