Apple didn’t reveal how much storage comes with the Apple Watch during yesterday’s big event, but now we know how many songs and photos will fit on the new wearable device. The company confirmed to 9to5Mac that the smartwatch will sport 8GB of storage, though you won’t have control over most of it.

The Apple Watch will leave 2GB of storage open for saving your favorite music. That’s enough space for roughly 200 songs. The new watch won’t be replacing your iPod anytime soon, but it should be enough for a quick run or a trip the the gym if you feel like leaving your iPhone behind.

When it comes to photos and images, Apple is setting aside just 75MB of space. That might now sound like much, but the device will automatically resize your pictures to take up to take up as little room as possible. In total, you’ll be able to store roughly 100 photos on your wrist for instant access.

That still leaves 6GB of storage, which will likely be used by Apple Watch software along with all your apps. It’s unclear exactly how much space each app will take up, or how many you’ll be able to fit on your smartwatch at once. For now, 8GB seems like plenty of space, but it may not be too long before we’re clamoring for a 16GB version.