With the Apple Watch Series 4, you’re able to choose from a large number of faces. Apple and third-party developers have made this smartwatch very customizable in that regard. The third-party alternatives are stylish and adventurous, but you might want to stick with Apple’s latest designs because, well, they’re insanely badass.

The Cupertino-based company introduced some new, motion-based faces. Together, they range from fire and water to liquid metal and vapor. Apple showed them off in the launch video, but now we understand how each was made.

Cool Hunting and Hodinkee were given inside looks at the Apple Watch Series 4. Both publications were able to learn about how Apple develops faces. And, to our surprise, these new designs aren’t computer-generated. It takes an entire team to assemble and enact the motions.

Alan Dye, Apple’s Vice President of UI Design, told Hodinkee how the designs were assembled:

“It was really about bringing together some of our various talents to create these faces. There are of course art directors, and color experts, and graphic designers, but also model makers who helped build these structures that we would eventually, you know, set on fire.”

As simple as creating digital renders might be, Apple thinks there’s something special about giving users faces from real moments.

Watch the full video here:

The Apple Watch Series 4 arrives around the world on Friday, September 21.