The Apple Watch already feels like a magnet for thieves, sitting on your wrist for everyone to see. Now, it turns out there’s a security flaw that makes it pretty easy for potential robbers to reset your Apple Watch without a password or too much effort.

Spotted by the folks at iDownloadBlog, a huge hole in the watch’s security makes it possible to do a factory reset with just a few taps. All a thief needs to do is hold down the side button until the option to turn off the device appears. A Force Touch to pull up a new menu lets a would-be thief “Erase all content and settings.” From there the Apple Watch will reboot to become a brand-new device that can be paired with any iPhone, though the thief won’t have access to any of your personal information.

All you’ll need is the Apple Watch and a charger to pull off the hack. That means you can’t just pull the device off someone’s wrist and do it immediately, but the charger is easy enough to find online. What Apple really needs to do is add the Activation Lock feature that already comes with new iOS devices.

Starting with iOS 7, every iOS device now requires you to enter the device’s associated Apple ID and password after a factory reset. That keeps thieves from easily selling off stolen iPhones, and as a result theft of the smartphone has dropped significantly. Hopefully it’s not too long before Apple brings something similar to the new smartwatch.