Earlier this month, we learned about the top secret offices where Apple lets third-party developers work on Apple Watch apps. Now, a new report reveals just how serious the company is about protecting its smartwatch secrets.

According to an email sent from Apple to developers obtained by The Verge, the company has some very specific rules for what’s allowed in its WatchKit Labs. Beyond bringing government ID, every app-maker needs to have an almost fully developed Apple Watch app ready to go running on a MacBook with OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed. The rules also allow each developer to bring their own iPhone.

Finally, Apple rules out any sort of photography or video recording inside the secret labs. The company notes that it will cover every iPhone and MacBook camera with tape to enforce this rule. Previous reports also revealed that the offices, which are located around the world in Sunnyvale, CA; Sydney; Tokyo; Beijing and Hong Kong, even block access to the Internet.

It’s unclear what Apple is hiding now that it’s big smartwatch event has come and gone. It’s possible the company still has a few surprises left. Based on these rules we doubt any more info will leak out from one of the company’s WatchKit Labs, though it won’t be long before the Apple Watch launches next month.