The Apple Watch earned mixed reviews when it launched earlier this year, but a new study claims it may be the company’s best first-generation product ever.

According to a survey from Wristly, Apple Watch satisfaction is at an almost unbelievable 97 percent. That puts it ahead of the original iPhone and iPad, which which came in at 91 percent and 92 percent respectively when they first hit stores.

The study, which included over 800 Apple Watch owners, breaks their responses into four categories. Roughly 66 percent of people said they were very satisfied or delighted by the device, while 31 percent claimed to be just somewhat satisfied. Meanwhile, just 2 percent are ambivalent while another 1 percent said they were dissatisfied.

The report also breaks down the Apple Watch user base. It turns out the majority (53 percent) of early adopters are “non tech insiders,” while 34 percent consider themselves to be tech insiders. Another 9 percent were app developers, while 4 percent are investors or members of the media.

We’re still not sure what to think of the Apple Watch, though it looks like most people are already pretty happy with the new device. The real question is still how many smartwatches the company has actually sold, though we’re not expecting an official figure anytime soon.