Apple has promised that the Apple Watch’s sapphire display — which is only available on the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, not on the Sport — is resistant to dings and scratches. One site decided to put those claims to the test to find out just how sturdy the panel is.

Science already tells us that sapphire is a strong material, so we went into this video expecting the display to come out unscathed. iPhoneFixed started its tests by scratching the display against a wall, then with a coin, then a key, then abrasive paper, then tapped it (seemingly gently) with a hammer, then took a power drill to it. A power drill? Yep.

As you’ll note in the video at the source link below, it appears that the screen made it through the tests without any problem. iPhoneFixed said it’s “virtually impossible to scratch” and said it’s confident “the Apple Watch will serve you well.” Good news if you’re planning to order one at midnight, and we’ll need to wait and see how the Apple Watch Sport screen holds up in comparison.

Hit the link to see for yourself.