Apple Watch sales may be slumping three months in, but the company’s already sold a ton of smartwatches. According to the latest report from Slice Intelligence, Apple sold more than 3 million units during the first three months the Apple Watch was available to consumers.

The study claims a total of 3,039,353 Apple Watch sales as of July 10, with the average price coming in at $505. Slice also breaks down results by model. Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch Sport proved the most popular with 1,950,909 units sold. The mid-range Apple Watch followed close behind at 1,086,569 units sold, while Apple sold just 1,875 Apple Watch Edition units.

A similar study last month from Slice revealed that Apple had already sold 2.79 million watches, suggesting the company really hasn’t sold many units this month. Even so, Cupertino appears to be beating Android Wear in sales by a large margin. Slice also previously noted that Apple makes a healthy profit of its wrist band accessory business.

The upcoming watchOS 2 may increase interest thanks to new features and better developer support. The rumored Apple Watch 2 could also boost sales with an upgraded design, a larger battery and a FaceTime camera, though it likely won’t arrive until 2016.