Following a surge in April, Apple Watch sales have declined by a significant margin, according to data from Slice Intelligence, a Palo Alto, California-based company. In fact, sales have apparently plunged by as much as 90-percent, with as little as 10,000 devices being sold in a given day. This is in stark contrast to the 200,000 units sold Apple was averaging daily when the Apple Watch was released in early April.

Slice estimates the early surge pushed more than 1.5 million Apple Watch units out the door, though it appears hype for the wearable has died down. The more affordable Sport model, which retails for $349, is said to be the most popular among consumers, while fewer than 2,000 Apple Watch Edition models have been sold. The 18 karat model starts at $10,000, and can go up to $17,000, so that number isn’t all that surprising.

Apple hasn’t revealed how many Apple Watch units have been sold, though an estimate from last month said the number was closing in on 3 million units. Slice’s data, which is based on electronic receipts sent to email addresses following purchases, suggests around 20,000 watches are being sold per day. Compare that to sales of Android Wear devices, which barely cracked the 720,000 units sold mark combined, and it isn’t all bad news for Apple.

The silver lining here is that the Apple Watch is a first generation product, and smartwatches aren’t really a “thing” yet. But that was the promise the Apple Watch was supposed to deliver: introduce the average consumer to the smartwatch world. It doesn’t appear these wearables are being adopted the way smartphones are, though we’re already years deep into the smartphone wars. To be fair, it’s a little unreasonable to think the Apple Watch—or any Android Wear device—would be an overnight success.

The Apple Watch is set to receive a major software upgrade this fall, and a newer model is already reportedly in the works. That said, the true test will be how well Apple’s wearable does over the holiday period. If these devices aren’t under trees come Christmastime, perhaps the Apple Watch isn’t quite as transformative as Apple thought it would be.