Earlier this month, Apple announced the Apple Watch would be available in its Apple Store retail locations within two weeks. Now stores are starting to receive stock, according to some reports.

9to5Mac said that Apple Stores are ramping up for “limited in-store sales as soon as this week,” though most of the stores seem to be stocking the Apple Watch Sport model primarily. And while some locations are reportedly receiving supply, the bulk of Apple’s retail locations aren’t supposed to receive the Apple Watch shipments for in-store sales until next week, the news outlet explained. That suggests that, while units are starting to populate, you might not be able to simply walk in and buy one just yet. It’s possible Apple will let us know exactly when in the coming days, unless Apple Stores just suddenly open up sales without much of a warning.

9to5Mac noted that Apple is also stocking special bags for Apple Watch shoppers, though they don’t sound that “special” to us. The bags are apparently made out of “heavy paper with rope handles that color-match the bands of each Apple Watch being sold.” That’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing, I guess, but it’s certainly something that would end up in my hallway closet with dozens of other shopping bags.

We’ll let you know as soon as the Apple Watch is widely available in stores.