Thinking of trying an Apple Watch before you take the plunge? 9to5Mac has details on what the in-store experience will be like next month, which Apple said will kick off on April 10.

Apple retail locations will be outfitted with special demo areas for the Apple Watch, where customers are able to make 15 minute try-on appointments. This will give potential buyers the opportunity to try the wearable on—either the Watch Sport or Apple Watch—and familiarize themselves with its functionality and software. It’s certainly not enough time to make a final decision about whether Apple’s new device is the first smartwatch “that matters,” but it should give customers an idea of what to expect.

Once customers do make an appointment, Apple will apparently offer looky-loos the opportunity to make a reservation for the device’s launch on April 24. That means if you do want to purchase one, you won’t have to wait in an obnoxiously long line to pick the Apple Watch up.

Employees at Apple stores across the U.S. are expected to begin training for the wearable’s arrival early next month, with each retail location consisting of Apple Watch “zones.” There will be a try-on area, a place for sales, folks who can answer general questions and another zone of “experts” specifically trained to sell the Apple Watch Edition. (No word if that zone will also come with champagne service.)

Apple is clearly going all out to promote and help educate the public about its new smartwatch, so it’s no surprise to hear the company will give the device the red carpet in-store experience . Do you plan on making an appointment to check one out? I’ll be very curious to see how consumers respond once they get their hands on the device.