The Apple Watch is set to launch in “early 2015,” but what does that really mean? January? Valentine’s Day? March? Recent rumors suggest the new smartwatch won’t be released until the Spring, but a new report from DigiTimes suggests the device could arrive a bit earlier.

Chip-makers in Apple’s massive supply chain may already be gearing up to produce the miniaturized S1 processor designed for the upcoming smartwatch. The news comes from the usual anonymous industry sources, who also claim Apple has ordered 30-40 million S1 chips. We’d take all this with a grain of salt though, since DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record with these types of leaks.

Even if DigiTimes is right, it still doesn’t give us a clear release date for the Apple Watch. We’re a little worried the wearable device could already be facing delays, especially after Apple’s recent sapphire drama. Then again, today’s report may be a glimmer of hope that production for the long-overdue smartwatch is on schedule after all.