The Apple Watch is still a pretty new device, but it’s been around long enough for early adopters to have an opinion. A new survey from 451 Research reveals that the smartwatch is generally a hit with its owners, though they still had some complaints.

Overall 87 percent of people said they were satisfied with the Apple Watch, though 54 percent are “very satisfied” while the remaining 33 percent are just “somewhat satisfied.” The study only included 145 people, so it’s not exactly definitive. Still, it offers a nice snapshot of life with the Apple Watch a few months in.

Diving in a little deeper, 451 Research asked Apple Watch owners to list their favorite features. The most popular at 49 percent is the ability to see notifications on your wrist, which isn’t exactly unique to Apple’s device. Health and fitness tracking came in second at 41 percent, followed by “aesthetics/design” with 30 percent. Other popular features included the touch screen (20 percent) and Apple Pay (13 percent).

Of course, the same Apple Watch owners also had plenty to complain about. The biggest issue at 37 percent is battery life, which typically lasts a full day but needs to be charged at night. The device’s reliance on an iPhone was also a problem for 31 percent, followed by lack of full waterproofing (25 percent), app selection (17 percent) and the learning curve (17 percent).

Overall it sounds like most Apple Watch owners are willing to put up with these problems. But it’s probably worth noting that the device’s two most popular features (notifications and fitness tracking) are also available on a variety of non-Apple devices that also offer better battery life and other missing features.