What are you doing on April 10? It’s a Friday, which means you should be at work or school, or, if you’re really lucky, getting ready for a quick weekend getaway. For Apple fans, it’ll be a particularly special day, because that’s when Apple Watch pre-orders go live.

If you’re willing to forgo a few hours of sleep, you’ll have the opportunity to snag Apple’s first smartwatch at 12:01 a.m. Pacific (3:01 a.m. EDT). Not too late for folks here on the west coast, but it’ll be a long night for anyone who decides to stay up on the east. Pre-orders should be accepted right up until the device’s release later in the month, though that’ll obviously depend on how many units are available. My inclination is that everything will sell out soon after pre-orders are made available.

You should know all about the Apple Watch by now. Will this be the device that finally takes smartwatches mainstream? Maybe. Apple is projecting a lot of sales this year, though whether the $349 price of entry is worth it is up for debate. We got our hands on the device recently, so check out that coverage if you haven’t already.