Apple began accepting preorders for the Apple Watch at 12:01 a.m. Pacific on Friday morning. The watches flew off the proverbial shelves, and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that ships before June at this point. Apple CEO Tim Cook briefly discussed the preorders this morning.

Cook said that sales so far were “great,” according to CNBC, suggesting that early sales are meeting Apple’s expectations. The only issue with that statement is that we have no idea how many Apple Watch units the company made available. Did it have five units and sell out of all of them? Or 2 million? The company’s warning that demand will outpace supply has proved true, in any case.

We also don’t know what the breakdown on sales is. We presume most folks opted for the more affordable Apple Watch Sport models, over say the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. It’s unlikely Apple will ever break down that sort of detail, and will instead treat the category as it has its iPad and iPhone businesses, instead opting to reveal total sales each earnings season.