Apple hasn’t officially revealed how it plans to package its new smartwatch, but the company may just have leaked that information ahead of time. An updated “Jobs at Apple” page on its official website appears to show a pair of thin white boxes designed to hold the upcoming wearable device.

The packaging takes a new shape here, focusing on the length and slim design of the Apple Watch by laying the device totally flat. There’s plenty of similarities with what we’ve seen for previous Apple products. It’s still a stark white box, with an image of the device printed on the front.

When it comes to design, Apple typically doesn’t let anything slide. Even the boxes its products come in are treated with the same attention to detail. Expect that same focus to extend to these Apple Watch boxes.

It’s possible this is an early version of the final design. With the Apple Watch heading to the company’s retail stores starting next month, however, it won’t be long before we know for sure.