A new report from Morgan Stanley suggests that demand for the Apple Watch may actually be greater than it was for the original iPhone. The study also notes that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are still going strong even as interest in the rumored iPhone 6s begins to pick up.

The first-generation iPhone sold roughly twice as many units as the Apple Watch at launch, Morgan Stanley estimates, but the new smartwatch has proved to be more popular in the long run. Morgan Stanley’s data reveals that sales for the wearable has stabilized about 20 percent greater than Apple’s original smartphone six weeks after its initial release.

The report adds that both devices were pretty hard to come by at launch. The iPhone was limited to AT&T back in 2007, while the Apple Watch was only available online until recently. Apple’s relatively quick expansion to in-store sales may be the reason demand for the smartwatch is still holding strong.

Morgan Stanley also predicts 54 million iPhone sales for the company’s current quarter. Continued growth in China could give Cupertino a boost as it looks to expand its supply chain. The iPhone 6 might also become even more popular later this year if its price drops to make room for a new model, especially if the iPhone 6s ends up being a relatively small upgrade compared to its predecessor.