If you happen to have purchased the Apple Watch with a Link Bracelet only to find that it’s too tight or, worse, doesn’t fit at all, then Apple now has a solution. Apple recently began selling a special kit for the 42mm Link Bracelet that should offer enough room for even Hulk to get his wrist through.

As MacRumors notes, the band helps expand the 205mm length of the Link Bracelet all the way up to 245mm, if you need it, though you can obviously just add the pieces that you need to size it properly.


It’s not free, which is kind of strange considering you’re paying $999 for the 42mm Apple Watch with Stainless Steel Case and Link Bracelet. Instead, in typical Apple fashion, you’ll need to cough up an additional $49 for the extra links. Shipping takes about 5-7 business days, or you can also opt to pick the kit up in a nearby Apple Store.