Apple is hosting an event on Monday where we expect to hear new details on the Apple Watch, including when it will be available for purchase, how much various models will cost, including the high-end Apple Watch Edition device that’s rumored to cost thousands of dollars, and what sorts of apps we’ll be able to use. In a new interview with the Financial Times, Ive discussed some of his work on the project, and how Apple views today’s timepieces.

Ive said that, while he and his team respect regular old watches, he was fascinated by how many times he’d look down at his wrist and not actually “comprehend what the time was.” That was part of the foundation for how Ive imagined what a watch could be if combined with some of the tech in our phones. “If i had looked at something on my phone, because of the investment involved in taking it out of my pocket or my bag, I would certainly pay attention,” he explained. “I quite like this sense of almost being careless and just glancing. I think for certain things the wrist is a perfect place for this technology.”

Ive also explained that, when he and the team at Apple developed the first iPhone, the idea was to completely reimagine the phone, but that’s not how the team viewed its approach to the Apple Watch. “It was different with the phone – all of us working on the first iPhone were driven by an absolute disdain for the cellphones we were using at the time,” Ive explained. “That’s not the case here. We’re a group of people who love our watches. So we’re working on something, yet have a high regard for what currently exists.”

One boundary we hope to learn more about on Monday is battery life. The watches that currently exist, regular old watches, don’t die at the end of every day. Does Ive and his team have a solution for this? We’ll find out.