Wondering whether you should get AppleCare+ coverage with your new Apple Watch? It’s always a good idea for peace of mind, but you might be surprised by how durable the new wearable actually is. See how well it holds up in this gruesome torture test video.

Many will use their Apple Watch in the kitchen to view recipes, set timers, and reply to messages while they’re watching the eggs. But in CNET’s kitchen, the device came up against a cheese grater, a sharp knife, boiling water, and a selection of condiments.

As you can see, the Apple Watch took almost all of it without any issues; it somehow survived the cheese grater and sharp knife, being trodden on, and even boiling water. But it met its match when it was shattered by a 7-pound iron skillet.

The Watch used in CNET’s test was the more affordable Sport, which, unlike the regular Watch and Watch Edition, uses Ion-X glass rather than a sapphire display. But even so, it’s nowhere near as fragile as most would expect it to be.

While AppleCare+ is still a good idea for accidental damage coverage, then, it’s clear your Watch will be capable of taking quite a beating before it needs to go in for repair.