Apple already confirmed that its new Hermes Apple Watch will launch sometime in October. Now we know exactly when to expect the high-end smartwatch.

According to Hermes’ website, the new Apple Watch variant is set to launch on October 5. The exact date was spotted by one curious Reddit user after a bit of snooping, though it isn’t exactly hidden from view. Still, this is more information than Apple offered up during its event earlier this week.

As for the cost, neither Apple or Hermes have offered an official price. However, a recent hands-on post from Engadget says the special edition smartwatch will start at $1,100 for the Single Tour and jump to $1,250 for the Double Tour wristband. These prices are pretty much in line with what Apple already charges for its current models, though we wouldn’t take them at face value until one of the two companies makes an official announcement.