Apple offered us a first look at its long-rumored smartwatch earlier this month, but the company’s brief onstage demo honestly left us with even more questions than we had before. The Apple Watch won’t actually be released until early next year, but a new hands-on report from watch blogger Ariel Adams reveals a few more details about the upcoming wearable device.

In a long post to his site, A Blog to Watch, Adams details his own experience with the Apple Watch. One thing the report finally clears up is how you’ll install apps on the new device. It turns out Apple is prepping a special iPhone app for managing the new smartwatch, which will let you download applications and manage some watch setting from your phone.

The post also offers a few more bits of news, including confirmation from Apple that the $350 starting price only covers the plastic and aluminum Apple Watch Sport variant. That means the standard steel model will cost even more while the gold model just may well break the bank. Adams also learned that the device’s small display doesn’t support multi-touch, making the zoom-enabled Digital Crown even more important.

The entire piece is worth reading. It’s an interesting take on the Apple Watch from someone with more of a background in traditional watch design than mobile gadgets, and Adams makes a strong argument that Apple’s new wearable borrows more inspiration from the classic analog timepiece than any other smartwatch on the market today. Hit the source link below to read the full post.