The Apple Watch’s app situation is pretty terrible at the moment, particularly when it comes to third-party services, but that should change in the near future. According to CEO Tim Cook, the new smartwatch has attracted more developer interest than early versions of the iPhone and iPad ever did.

Speaking to Bloomberg during a trip to China last week, Cook said that there are more than 3,500 Apple Watch apps currently in development. Compare that to the 500 apps that launched in 2008 when Apple opened up the iPhone to third-party developers. Even the iPad only boasted 1,000 apps when it arrived in 2010.

Hopefully that means Apple Watch apps will get better pretty soon. The company’s latest software, which supports native applications running on the wearable device instead of a synchronized smartphone, should also improve the situation once it gets an official release.

Cook also confirmed what we’ve assumed for a while, that Apple tailors its designs to the Chinese market. The decision to offer a gold iPhone was a direct response to local tastes. We have a feeling the iPhone 6 Plus and its massive display might be aimed at the country as well.

It’s likely Apple’s focus on Chinese taste will only increase as competition in the country continues to heat up. In the meantime, better Apple Watch apps should help make the wearable device more appealing all over the world.