Mophie just announced new Space Pack cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini. Now the company is back with its first Apple Watch-related product and, no, it’s not a battery pack.

Instead, the case maker unveiled an aluminum and leather dock where you can park your Apple Watch to charge. Mophie’s design raises the smartwatch into the air for easy viewing, and includes a cutout in the back for inserting Apple’s MagSafe charger. It should work with every model offered by Cupertino, though third-party bands may not work.

Mophie’s watch dock is a pretty decent deal at $59.95, though it’s not exactly a necessary product. We’re guessing most Apple Watch owners will be happy simply placing the device on a desk or bedside table to charge. We’re curious to see whether Mophie can design a smartwatch case that improves the battery life without adding too much bulk, too.

For now, you can pre-order the dock straight from Mophie’s website. It’s set to ship on April 24, just in time for the first Apple Watch orders.