Apple spent a good chunk of time walking us through the Apple Watch yesterday onstage, but there are still plenty of questions left unanswered. Now we’re learning a bit more about the company’s first smartwatch thanks to longtime Apple fan and Yahoo Tech editor David Pogue.

First of all, the Apple Watch is splash-proof. You don’t need to take it off to wash your hands, cook or even if you get caught in the rain, though Apple says you shouldn’t take it into the shower or for a swim. We were a bit worried that feature might only be available on the Apple Watch Sport variant, but it sounds like it will be the standard across all new models.

Apple told Pogue the new smartwatch can makes phone calls, though whether anyone will actually use that feature is unclear. You’ll need to use your iPhone to download new apps onto the wearable device, but according to Re/code’s Ina Fried the device can do a few things on its own including mobile payments and fitness tracking. The Apple Watch can also help you find your smartphone with a Ping My Phone feature.

Finally, Yahoo Tech got to see the poorly-named but pretty great looking Apple Watch Edition, which is made using reinforced 18 karat gold. The super high-end smartwatch will come with a special case designed with a built in charger that’s designed to look like a jewelry box. It’s a nice touch, though we’re still scared to find out how much Apple plans to charge for the golden smartwatch.