What’s the first thing someone who buys an Apple Watch does? Show it off, of course. That goes especially for those who purchased an Apple Watch Edition. Because why else would you buy a gold watch if not to flaunt your extravagant wealth?

Those who can afford the lofty $10,000 sum are part of a very exclusive club. And you know what? You should be proud—your smartwatch is functionally no different from one that costs only $349, but at least it’s made up of 18-karat gold, a metal that has an the inexplicable power to hypnotize.

Some (lucky?) person who isn’t a celebrity got their hands on the Apple Watch Edition, and thought it fitting to unbox the thing on video. What’s notable is that Apple is showering undue partiality toward these customers, treating them like the royalty they are.

Inside the non-descript white box, these customers not only get their first generation smartwatch, but a fancy leather box to put it in, a special cleaning cloth, and even a booklet explaining how the watch was made. Even if it doesn’t perform any different from the cheaper models, you can at least take pride in knowing that your expensive gadget was made with the utmost care.

Additionally, Edition buyers get a different gold boot-up screen to stare at, as if to further accentuate just how exceptional wealthy people are. Your and my eyes are undeserving of such excess, therefore we don’t get the benefits of fancy boot-up screens and indulgent pamphlets. Just the type of perks a person gets for buying a $10,000 wearable. I hope it was worth it.

The Space Gray models looks better.