Apple hasn't revealed pricing for the Apple Watch Edition or the mid-range model of its new smartwatch. Instead, we only know that the entry-level sport model is going to come in at a starting price of $349. So how much is the most high end model going to run you? We don't know yet, but it's definitely not going to come cheap.

One man, Greg Koenig, took rough estimates of the Apple Watch size and created a software model to determine how much 18k gold might be needed for the Apple Watch Edition model. He came up with a rough estimate of 29.16g. We ran that figure through a quick gold calculator at a price of $1,210.88 per troy ounce and with an 18k quality, and it means that we might be able to expect roughly $851.41 worth of gold on the smartwatch. Remember, this is just one man's estimate, so there's room for error.

Take into consideration the cost of the Apple Watch hardware, whatever premium straps are paired with the Apple Watch Edition and the special box, and you're looking at a smartwatch that's not going to come cheap. Some folks have suggested it will cost $5,000 or more, but we'll wait to hear the word from Apple before we draw any conclusions on that end.