Apple on Monday announced pricing for its entire lineup of Apple Watches, and it ain’t pretty. The cheapest model, Watch Sport Edition, starts at $349—that we knew. But it only gets more expensive from there.

On the very highest end, Apple Watch Edition will start at a whopping $10,000, but even that’s affordable compared to the company’s most expensive model. You’re going to want to sit down before I tell you just how much Apple is asking. Ready? $17,000.

On Apple’s website, the company has a breakdown of the pricing and buckle options you can pair with the Watch Edition, and unless you’re among the 1-percent of the world’s top earners, you should probably use your money to buy a car, or put a down payment on a condo. But a smartwatch? They aren’t anywhere near their peak, so spending that kind of money on a first-generation device is simply ridiculous.

If you can afford the insane price, I salute you. You’ll own a rare item, something that probably less than 100 people around the world will buy. In that sense, the Apple Watch Edition will be incredibly uncommon, like spotting Bigfoot out in the wild if ever you do see one. I know Apple is pushing this as a luxury fashion accessory, but wow.