Even though Apple unveiled the Apple Watch last month, it appears Cupertino and its design team are still tweaking the final design for the device ahead of its early-2015 launch. Now an updated Apple Watch promo video, published by the company on Tuesday, reveals a few ways Apple may have already changed the software and hardware since it was first announced in September.

There are a few minor differences between the Apple Watch presented last month and the one in this video. The biggest one is the display size, which appears to have shrunk a bit. The black bezels are a lot bigger than before, leaving less screen space to display the new software. It also appears that Apple tweaked some of that software. In one screenshot we see how the company updated its Glance interface for checking the weather. It’s nothing major, but clearly Apple isn’t done designing the new operating system just yet.

Overall, the rest of the hardware looks pretty much the same, though Apple is now emphasizing that the watch’s sapphire display is also “Retina” quality. The Apple Watch Sport, which doesn’t include sapphire in its design, features a Retina display as well.

The Apple Watch won’t be released until next year, with one recent report suggesting it could launch even later than we hoped. For now you can check out the new promo video yourself, and stay tuned for any more news on the upcoming smartwatch.