There was early speculation that a tiny 6 pin connector on the Apple Watch might have more functionality than serving simply as a diagnostic port. One accessory maker shed new light on the port recently, and revealed that it can actually be used to charge the device. That means we should see plenty of new accessories for the Apple Watch soon.

“Our engineers have been able to independently confirm that the 6 pin diagnostic port underneath the Apple Watch case can be used for charging,” one company named “Reserve Strap” said recently. Reserve Strap will serve as a third-party band for the Apple Watch that will add extra juice to the device’s battery. “The Reserve Strap will take advantage of this using a simple, retractable connector instead of the previous inductive charging cradle design,” the company added, noting that the port actually enables faster charging times than the inductive wireless option.

It seems plausible that Apple could eventually push a software update that prevents this sort of use of the Apple Watch’s diagnostic port, but Reserve Strap seems confident that its product won’t face those sorts of headwinds. Customers can pre-order the gadget now, which starts at $249.99 and is expected to ship this fall.