For everything we like about the Apple Watch our biggest complaint is probably its square display. With company’s like LG and Motorola already pumping out round-faced smartwatches, and Samsung opting for an even weirder design, it’s a bit disappointing to see Apple opt for such a basic form factor. But what if the Apple Watch was round instead?

For the foreseeable future we’re stuck with the Apple Watch we have, but that didn’t stop one designer from drawing up a circular design just for fun. The results are pretty staggering, and offer us a look at the Apple Watch that might have been. Alcion’s renders also reveal how circular the smartwatch’s new software really is, with everything from the home screen to Activity apps just begging for a round display.

Will we ever actually get a round Apple Watch? We don’t know. The present Apple Watch model won’t launch until early next year and it seems unlikely Apple will pump out another model anytime soon. Still, if these concept designs are any indication a round Apple Watch could be something special.