If you preordered the Apple Watch early on April 10, chances are Apple sent you a date range for delivery of your shiny new smartwatch. While we already heard reports that shipments were starting to head out, UPS confirmation slips now show that early orders will begin to arrive on Friday, April 24. Normally this wouldn’t really matter, but Apple provided a date range to early orders that suggested it will arrive anywhere between April 24 and May 8, so there may be some good news for at least a few of our readers who can expect it earlier rather than later.


The shipment notifications were sent to MacRumors, which said that the bulk of the forum posts pointing to a Friday, April 24 delivery are from folks who live in the southern United States. That’ not to say folks who live elsewhere won’t get it on the same day, but it seems like you might be in better luck if you live down south.

If you weren’t able to order right at midnight Pacific on April 10, your shipment times will likely vary between early May and sometime in June. Apple warned that it was going to face demand that outpaces supply, and has confirmed that it indeed the case now. Apple Store locations will not have stock on April 24, and it’s unclear when you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy one outright. Let us know if you received a shipment notification.