A patent application filed by Apple on Thursday suggests the company may be looking at alternative ways to power the Apple Watch. The patent, titled “Charging Apparatus For Wearable Electronic Device,” describes a watch band that might also be able to store some of the battery’s charge. It also shows a round screen.

Here’s a look at the abstract summary filed in the patent:

“A wearable power apparatus for a wearable electronic device includes one or more conductors, one or more batteries connected to the conductor, and/or an inductive coil that attaches to the wearable electronic device to inductively transmit power from the battery to the wearable electronic device, such as while the wearable electronic device is worn. The power apparatus may have attachment mechanisms that attach to a band coupled to the wearable electronic device. Alternatively or additionally, the power apparatus may be at least partially embedded within the band. The inductive coil may also receive power for the battery from another inductive coil. The battery may include one or more connectors that power to (and/or receiving power from) one or more other electronic devices.”

Inductive battery packs

In the image above you can see a small battery pack that might sit along the Apple Watch strap to provide additional power. Also note Apple’s language of “inductive coils,” which suggests that the battery pack may be able to provide power to the Apple Watch wirelessly when a direct connection isn’t required.

It’s also worth noting that the wearable device in this patent is round while the Apple Watch is not. Is Apple preparing a new design? My guess is that this was just in an effort to keep things simple, but who knows?

Apple did a really great job improving the battery life from the Apple Watch to the Apple Watch 2, but it still could stand to last a few extra days. Perhaps this new technology will help Apple get there, if it ever comes to fruition.