Apple unveiled its long-rumored smartwatch at an event last month, but we still have a lot of questions about the mysterious Apple Watch. The most important question may be how long the battery will last, which could make or break the new wearable. Now we finally have an answer, though you may not like it.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s new tech conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that you’ll likely need to recharge the smartwatch every night. However, he did try to spin it as a good thing, claiming that most people won’t be able to resist burning through the device’s battery life.

So we still don’t know how big the battery actually is, but at least now we have a general sense of how long the Apple Watch will last per charge. Of course, it’s also possible Apple is still finalizing the wearable device’s hardware, which could explain the current lack of specific details.

Cook’s remarks seem to suggest that the Apple Watch could get a lot of use, unlike Android Wear devices that mainly just feed notifications to your wrist, though those, too, last just over a day at best. Meanwhile, wearable entries from companies like Pebble and Fitbit promise multiple days of use per charge, but don’t feature color displays or the larger ecosystems offered by Apple and Google.

Clearly there’s still a lot of hype surrounding the Apple Watch, and Cook is doing his best to tamper our expectations. A one-day battery isn’t really the news we were hoping for, but we’re still excited to see the final product when it launches next year.