The Apple Watch officially launches on April 24. Kind of. You still need to order the device online, where new orders aren’t expected to ship until June, and rumor has it Apple won’t actually have any stock in its retail locations on “launch day.” Still, April 24 is the date Apple calls the official launch day.

According to MacRumors, that’s also when Apple will begin to host new workshops for folks who want to get a deeper dive into the new wearable. These are different from the try-on reservations that Apple is already offering potential customers. The workshops will presumably teach folks who will already have a unit in hand how to better take advantage of the watch.

“Workshops will take place at 1.5 hour intervals all day long in most locations and are also available on Saturday and Sunday,” MacRumors said. Appointments are already available but more stores should come online as launch nears, so don’t fret if you don’t see classes at your nearest Apple Store just yet.

The classes should be valuable for folks who want to learn more about the available apps, Force Touch and more. Now if only Apple could boost its stock so that more of us will have units on April 24.