Tesla hasn’t announced plans for an official Apple Watch app, but one developer is already moving forward with his own solution. A new video shows Allen Wong controlling a Tesla Model S using the new smartwatch.

The app, called Remote S, lets you unlock the car, honk the horn and turn on the lights from your wrist. It can even open up the sunroof entirely, something Tesla’s official smartphone app can’t do. Finally, you can turn the charging port on and off, though you still have to plug in the cord manually.

There’s also a pretty slick interface, which takes advantage of some Apple Watch specific features. You can use the Glance view to get a quick summary of how the Model S is doing. Swiping through the app shows even more information, and a long press (aka Force Touch) brings up four options to “Honk,” “Flash,” “Charge On” and “Open Port.”

Wong notes that he doesn’t expect to make much money off Remote S once it actually launches. Considering how few people actually own both a Model S and an Apple Watch, his entire revenue could come to just $100. That’s probably why Tesla hasn’t committed any time to developing its own smartwatch app, though that may change if the new wearable device becomes more popular.