Swatch CEO Nick Hayek Jr. has some choice words for the Apple Watch as his company prepares to enter the smartwatch market, and the comments aren’t very flattering.

In an interview with German news outlet Tages Anzeiger, Hayek Jr. argued that the Apple Watch isn’t a game changer, as many would argue the iPad and iPhone were when they were first introduced. “The Apple watch is an interesting toy, but not a revolution,” Hayek Jr. said, pointing to the Apple Watch’s 24-hour battery life as one serious flaw. Keep in mind that Hayek Jr. made these statements in an effort to bolster his firm’s plans to enter the space.

“We will bring a watch to market this year that acts as an alternative to the credit card, using near field communication,” Hayek Jr. said. That function is also available on the Apple Watch, which takes advantage of NFC and Apple Pay on a connected iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. “The technology works, we’re just finalising details with our partners from the credit card industry. The watch can be used for access control.”

Hayek Jr. didn’t provide much additional information on the smartwatch, or how it will stand out, but did say that it won’t offer fitness tracking activities. It will need its own app store and other value adds to be competitive, I’d argue, however, and at this rate Swatch’s device sounds like it may be more of a “toy” than the Apple Watch.

We’ll see.