New Apple Watch 2015-2

A man in Denmark claims he received some nasty burns from his metal Apple Watch band. You can see some images of the injury in the gallery just below, though we’ll warn you that they are a bit graphic.

Jørgen Mouritzen told local news site Ekstra Bladet that the event took place on October 17. He describes leaving the bathroom and suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his arm while also noticing the smell of burning flesh. Mouritzen managed to snap a few photos with his iPhone, and also has a second witness to back the story up.

Apple has apparently looked into the matter, but isn’t willing to admit any fault. The company notes that there are no electronics in the band, meaning it couldn’t have heated up on its own. Of course, it’s possible the issue could have been caused by a faulty battery or some other Apple Watch component. The report also points to multiple cases of overheating smartwatches detailed in Apple’s support forum, though none as extreme as this one.

As for Mouritzen, he doesn’t want to sue Apple over the incident. Instead he says all he’s looking for is a replacement smartwatch. He says he’s still a fan of the company and its products in general, even after potentially being burned by an Apple Watch.