The Apple Watch is here, but we’re still not totally sold on the new wearable device. If you’re still on the fence too, these new commercials from Apple may convince you, at least that’s what the company hopes will happen.

The three latest Apple Watch ads, titled “Rise,” “Up” and “Us” take place all over the world, while focusing on a bunch of different things the smartwatch can do.

“Rise” is all about how the device will enhance your morning routine thanks to a variety of apps, along with the built-in alarm clock. Meanwhile, “Up” focuses more on physical activity and the “Time to stand!” notifications it sends when you’ve been sitting for too long. Finally, “Us” focuses on some of the watch’s more personal features, like the ability to send your heartbeat or a quick doodle.

We have a feeling the Apple Watch marketing machine is still just gearing up, so you can expect plenty more commercials, posters and product placement opportunities to come. For now, you can check out the three new ads below.