The Apple Watch comes packed with fitness-tracking sensors, and that means a new iPhone app for reviewing all that information. Apple hasn’t officially released the new Activity app yet, but one developer says he’s managed find it buried in the company’s recent iOS 8.2 update.

Hamza Sood revealed four screenshots of what the new Activity app will look like on your iPhone. We’ve already seen something directly from Apple, though there’s some new information here as well. Overall, the app looks pretty nice, even if it’s missing some of the details included in the Apple Watch versions. Those achievement badges are a little weird too, though maybe they’ll be nicer in person.

The Activity app will track all the data recorded by your Apple Watch. It’s also allow you to share that information with other apps from third-party developers. Sood notes that the app will show up automatically once you sync your smartwatch to your iPhone, so expect it to launch in full when the Apple Watch hits the market next month.