We’ve shown you the ins and outs of the Apple Watch UI, shared some of the wearable’s coolest secrets, and even gave you our full review. Now that you have the device all set up, it’s time to download some apps. After all, what’s an Apple Watch without a catalog of completely unnecessary fart apps? Oh, wait, they’re being rejected from the iOS app store. Hmph.

Tim Cook recently revealed the Apple Watch app store is home to more than 3,500 apps, so there’s no shortage of options for early adopters. That’s an overwhelming figure, especially for a device that a lot of users have reported can get annoying with all of its notifications. So how do we whittle down 3,500 into just 5? Well, it wasn’t easy, but we looked at it this way: what apps, when used on our wrist, will actually improve our productivity?

The answer was actually pretty simple. All of the apps we chose we use on our phone anyway, and now that they’ve made the painless transition over to the Apple Watch, they’re even easier to use—and they’re so, so convenient on a wrist.

Deliveries, for example, makes it easy to track orders on the go, while Shazam let’s you identify songs in an instant. We also talk about Yahoo Weather, Clear and Evernote, the latter of which is an indispensable tool for creating notes and lists for work.

Check out the video above to see what apps we chose. There’s no replacing the app experience you’d get on your phone, but these five exemplify and exhibit why people are beginning to turn their eye toward what smartwatches have to offer.