LG Display currently provides the displays for the Apple Watch and a new report suggests that it will remain the sole provider of the component for the Apple Watch 2.

Korean news outlet MK News said this week that it has learned LG will provide a similar P-OLED screen for the Apple Watch 2, which will launch sometime in 2016. That’s perhaps good news for early adopters, some of which might have been put off by earlier rumors that suggested a newer model was already scheduled to launch sometime in 2015.

The P-OLED display remains Apple’s top choice because of its flexibility and, likely, because of its low power consumption. While the screen may be plastic, Apple covers it with glass or, in the case of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, sapphire, to make it stronger and more resistant to dings and scratches.

MK News said Apple also values LG’s ability to create high quality screens quickly, which means Apple doesn’t have to worry about panel shortages and possible delays. The news outlet didn’t say when we can expect a new Apple Watch, it just said sometime in 2016, but we suspect the new model will launch close to a year after the original made its debut, which was in April of this year.