The Apple Watch is still fresh on our wrists, but new details of Apple’s second generation wearable just surfaced, and suggest there will be plenty of changes. Enough change, even, that I’d probably want to upgrade the Apple Watch I just bought. Darn it.

According to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman — the fountain of accurate Apple news — Cupertino’s Apple Watch 2 should include a FaceTime camera, allowing you to place and receive video calls right from your wrist. He warns that the roadmap might change between now and launch, however.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly working to make the Apple Watch less dependent on the iPhone, so you can rely more on Wi-Fi or other networks to receive important updates instead of getting them pushed from an iPhone. Apple has found, it seems, that battery life is adequate enough for consumers and won’t put a huge emphasis on improving it, Gurman said.

Finally, the company is also gearing up to launch a model to satisfy consumers who want something more premium than the standard Apple Watch, but aren’t willing to spend $10,000 or more on an Apple Watch Edition. Gurman said Apple plans to meet those demands with a new tier that exists between the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple is reportedly working to launch the Apple Watch 2 sometime in 2016.